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Precast concrete and color plus texture

We offer eight basic colors beyond our standard smooth precast concrete products, low void (Voids are small holes inherent in all concrete pieces) gray for a small up charge. Make sure to download our catalog or view our products page to help you with your project or design. We can help you with your interior design thoughts and outdoor landscaping plus the colors and textures we can provide. Even if you are just working on a fireplace or firepit, we can help you with textures and colors such that it fits into your design concept. Most concrete companies have catalogs, but we offer both catalogs and call in help!

If your project has precast concrete steps, we can help there too. Steps are a great way of saving time and money on your design.

We can further enhance these colors by changing the texture from smooth to either a sandblasted or an old-world finish.

Sandblasting gives the concrete a nice weathered, rough look, great for outdoor pieces. Our Old-World style allows our concrete to mimic ancient stone with its nooks and crannies and looks genuinely nice with natural stone like Cantera or Limestone.

If you do not see a color here that works for you, bring a sample in and let our very experienced staff create a custom color that meets your needs.

Some things to consider when choosing your color and texture – Concrete, by its very nature, always has minor variations in color and texture. Some pigments and textures will even enhance these variations. When pouring concrete into molds, all the variables, including seasonal effects, interplay to produce a warm, natural looking product.

It is one of the reasons why concrete is so often chosen instead of other materials. If consistency is an issue, we suggest choosing white cement-based colors or painting the product. Concrete readily accepts most paints and stains.

Photographic images and swatches can only approximate colors. We always try our best to make sure colors are represented correctly, but it is a difficult process. Request a sample to see how it looks in your own environment against your own color backgrounds.

Can we incorporate color into our precast?

Yes. We have many colors available for your projects all working with our precast concrete products.  Some colors present more issues than others.  It is difficult to get a consistent dark brown color due to environmental issues – temperature and humidity. Also, dark colors are not consistent when a piece cures in a mold over a weekend; it presents a different curing rate, and therefore a slightly different color shade than pieces curing in the mold overnight.

If your project is time-sensitive, we would not recommend dark colors. It is also possible to get two different shades of color out of the same batch. This is caused by pouring colored concrete into two different size molds from the same batch. With one mold being larger than the other, the concrete cures at a different rate.

You can expect mottling with some mid-range colors. These midrange colors may allow the grey cement to shadow through, therefore showing mottling throughout the parts. Color variations now become a part of the integral design. To some, this is not just expected, it is desired. Of course, there is no guarantee that this will happen each and every time. To minimize mottling, we recommend using a lighter color with white cement. Sandblasting finishes will balance out the mottling in darker colors.

Davis Color is our go to for precast concrete color products

SCPC Inc uses the tried and true products for color additions to precast concrete products…

These are color choices from Davis Colors

Without a doubt there are things that are really important when considering color. Strength, versatility, and lifecycle costs are the real advantage when using Davis Colors to your precast concrete product offered from Seawright Custom Precast Concrete.

When you look at precast concrete it is like an empty canvas waiting for you to select the colors for your products. Here at SCPC inc we like to use Davis Colors as they have the widest standard colors plus a great selection of custom colors.

This is more color choices from Davis Colors

Davis Color is the type of company that specialized in something you might have never heard of before! This is true unless you are into precast concrete products or concrete construction industry. Davis Color is a part of a leading chemical company, Venator, which focuses on the development and manufacturing of titanium dioxide pigments.

These pigments are used to really add great color to which performance you would expect. The pigments and additives help to secure the color properties for an exceptionally long time. The Davis Color products which are used as intelligent ingredients in thousands of everyday items including… coatings, cosmetics plastics, paper, inks, pharmaceuticals, fibers, films, catalysts, concrete, building materials industry.