Seawright Custom Precast, Inc. is the “go-to” supplier of precast concrete bollards – architectural bollards (decorative barriers), safety bollards (larger and/or more heavy-duty), and light bollards (hollow space for lighting). Seawright Custom Precast, Inc.’s bollards have been specified for use at schools, shopping centers, markets, parks, military bases, government facilities, and restaurant patios.


While generally referred to as safety bollards, they can be decorative as well as utilitarian. Bollards made of concrete generally have a more pleasing design than mere utilitarian metal bollards. A great variety of concrete bollard designs are available to enhance any landscape, sidewalk, or other barrier space.

Seawright Custom Precast, Inc.’s bollards are created above all else to assure safety and permanence – the intended purpose of safety bollards. Seawright Custom Precast, Inc.’s bollards are made of 5000 PSI, steel-reinforced concrete.  

Along with a variety of stock designs, bollards can be created to meet custom specifications. Bollards can be manufactured with hollow centers to fit over structural pipe or mechanical attachments. Lifting inserts can be cast-in for ease of installation.


Light bollards are cast with an electrical conduit for insertion (by others) of lighting products. PVC pipe can be cast-in to allow a decorative chain to pass through from one bollard to the next. Bollards can be round, square, multi-faceted, even spherical. Enhanced designs include decorative waterlines and even cast-in planters – for sidewalk greenery.

Seawright Custom Precast, Inc.’s bollards are available in a wide variety of colors and several finishes. Custom concrete stains are available to match existing buildings and installations.

Precast lighting bollard

Seawright Custom Precast, Inc. takes great pride in the quality of our products. Our bollards are created to ensure a lifetime of beauty and security in moderate to harsh climates.

What is a Bollard? It’s a short post that creates a protected area or to protect an architectural perimeter. Bollards come in an extremely wide variety and at SCPC inc we can help you with your design or show you existing bollard designs.

There are security bollards that can be decorative besides having the ability to block vehicle incursion, protecting people, and protecting property. Bollards can also be chosen to fit into a landscape design all the while providing protection. Most good bollards are made from precast concrete and at SCPC we can help you with your bollard design.

A wide range of possibilities and designs are available with Seawright Custom Precast, Inc.  SCPC is renowned among concrete companiesThe world of safety and architectural designs are at your fingertips.  Call Seawright Custom Precast, Inc. for pricing today 760-398-1515.

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