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Aug 13, 2018


Rex Seawright
Seawright Custom Precast, Inc


To whom it may concern,


I am writing this letter of reference on behalf of Rex Seawright, Seawright Custom Precast, as Vice President of Near-Cal corporation. Rex has worked for Near-Cal for the past 20 years as a valued subcontractor. His most recent projects with Near-Cal include the following:

  • Yorba Linda Town Center – Yorba Linda, CA
  • Fazeli Winery – Temecula, CA
  • Ponte Vineyard Inn – Temecula, CA
  • Public Storage – La Habra, CA
  • Bottaia Winery – Temecula, CA

During the last 20 years Rex’s high level of technical expertise has made it comfortable for us to advance Seawright on projects knowing how well he will deliver the project. The team consistently produces quality work, on time, and within budget.

I recommend Rex Seawright very highly for any General Contractor as their subcontractor. He will do his very best to do an outstanding job of your precast needs. We stand behind our recommendation with trust and confidence in his performance and his ability to lead his crew to handle large and small jobs with a commitment to high level of excellence.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions at (951) 245-5400


Steve Sanderson
Near-Cal Corporation
Executive Vice President